The SkyFlix Portable In-Flight Media Server is a wireless streaming server designed as a carry-on unit that can be used on any aircraft.

SkyFlix is a wireless media server that requires NO installation and can be ready to use in under a minute. It also features integrated 802.11AC WiFi for the best possible wireless range. 
2TB Server
Weight & Dimensions:
3.43" X 11.81" X 7.25"
5.2 lbs
The SkyFlix Portable In-Flight Media System is your answer to easy and affordable in-flight entertainment. Sleek, sturdy, and trendy SkyFlix is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and store. Since the system itself is considered "loose equipment," there is no need for an STC. This convenient plug-and-play system can be ready in under a minute with no configuration required. SkyFlix allows you to wirelessly stream without the use of internet, which means no worrying about data usage fees. With up to 4 Terabytes of solid storage, SkyFlix can hold over 1000 movies, and all forms of media are easily accessed through the user-friendly SkyFlix app. You’ll also get the best range and performance available, with integrated 802.11AC WiFi. Media system options range from a basic server through the deluxe model containing 8 iPads in a clean, wireless carrying case, that also doubles as a charging station.

SkyFlix is more than just a media streaming server – it's a complete in-flight entertainment solution. This media system can provide you with hours of entertainment while saving your flight department tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs. The SkyFlix system provides the latest technology, with the ease of portability, all in one sleek and compact box.

Skyflix can also be personalized with your company name and logo. Call (800) 233-0831 to customize your order.