Enjoy your Flat Rate with NO bill backs.

With our flat rate price there is absolutely NO bill back, allowing you to properly budget for the year’s maintenance and inspections with confidence. There's no waiting around to see if your core return passed inspections or if there are any additional bills coming your way. We've streamlined the process to provide our clients with one simple transaction.


ASI's flat rate prices serve as insurance or cost assurance and stabilize maintenance costs. Our flat rate prices cover the cost of "over and above" parts and eliminate additional bill back invoices. The accuracy of flat rate pricing is based on averages over time and therefore may vary. To avoid any additional billing, the assembly must meet the following criteria:

  1. The core must not show signs of obvious negligence such as evidence of being involved in an incident or accident, signs of overheating, signs of damage caused by misuse, or any condition that would not be otherwise covered under warranty.
  2. The core returned must be a like item with the same assembly number.
  3. The core must be 100% complete with the same parts ASI exchanged with you.


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