Overhaul & Repair

Overhaul & Repair

FAA & EASA Certified Part-145 Repair Station

All of our overhauls are performed in accordance with the Component Maintenance Manual and/or all other data approved by the administrator and include complete NDT inspections performed by our level II and level III inspectors. After inspection, each assembly is painted with a premium mil-spec coating, providing a corrosion barrier to prolong the life of the unit. All brakes are tested with our fully automated test benches and all wheels including a tire will receive a 12-hour stretch, followed by a 24-hour leak check to ensure quality and safety. Our capabilities are limitless! If we can get the manual, we can overhaul it!

When sending your unit in for overhaul, please include the Repair Order Form with your shipment.

Our Capabilities - Coming Soon!

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Our Process

Check out the flowchart below to better understand our process.

When your unit arrives for overhaul, you will be contacted by your personal Customer Service Representative. After our quality checkpoint, you will be sent a quote and detailed teardown. Once your approval is received, your unit will be assembled and you will be sent a tracking number upon shipment. You are welcome to call your CSR any time during the overhaul process with questions or concerns.

Overhaul Flowchart


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AOG Services available after hours & weekends.

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