This 5-Gallon Towable Pneumatic cart can be a hand pump and/or pneumatic high pressure, and is used on high bypass engines. It comes with a heavy-duty steel frame cart and is rated for all-weather use.

Oil Type
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Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 120°
Fluid Capacity: 5-Gallon
Pressure Output: 0-150 psi. 
Fluid delivery: 1-10 GPM
Filter (spin-on): 10 micron (3 micron available).

Includes: 5-gallon Polyethylene Container, Steel Frame Cart, Pneumatic Gear Pump, Flow Control Nozzle, Lockable Fill Cap, 15’ Hose, Color-Coded End Caps and Fluid Signage, Compatible Seals and Hoses, Standard Pintle Hook Tow Ring, 30 mph Wheel and Bearings, Front Caster with Foot Activated Brake, and Serial Number for easy tracking.




U.S. MFG. & DESIGN, INC. (USMDI) has been a leading developer of polyethylene aircraft fluid dispensing equipment since 1994. They have been servicing the military and airline industries worldwide for more than two decades. USMDI products are reliable and environmentally sound in fit, form, and function. A consistent design philosophy is incorporated into each and every product.

USMDI’s main product feature is a specially designed hand pump that can be used in all of our hand-operated units. The pump head has two extra ports in the top that are used to convert the fluid handling system from an open to closed containment system.

The translucent polyethylene container allows the operator to view the level of solution in the container at all times. This type of container has been tested in harsh environments in the most rugged conditions and will provide many years of safe, clean, and environmentally sound operation.

If the user wishes to use the open system, these ports are plugged. A fill cap is installed on the container. When filling the container, the cap is opened, leaving the inside of the container exposed to the elements. The fill cap assembly has a screen extending into the container to prevent large particles from entering.

If the closed system is used, a quick-disconnect coupler and a drying filter are installed in the two extra ports on the pump head, and the fill cap is removed from the container and the opening is covered. To fill this unit, a quick-disconnect coupler from a fill station is connected to the one that is installed in one of the ports on the container’s pump head.

The fluid enters the container without being exposed to the elements. Because the product line uses thick-walled polyethylene (which is an insulating material) for the containers in conjunction with the drying filter, the possibility of condensation and/or contamination is greatly reduced.

Signage and serial numbering is an important issue with the family of products. Immediate recognition of the containers’ contents, at a glance, saves time and reduces errors on the part of the operator. The signage is color coded to industry standards. All oil signage follows the colors issued by the oil manufacturer for accurate recognition. If you want to have control over oil contamination, use USMDI products.