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We are always updating our processeses to create a better experience for our clients. That's why we created our new flat rate exchange option. With our Fixed. Firm. Flat Rate., there are absolutely NO bill backs, allowing you to properly budget for the year’s maintenance and inspections with confidence. No waiting around to see if your core return passed inspections without any overages. This option streamlines the process and provides our clients with upfront, transparent costs with NO surprises.


The accuracy of the Fixed. Firm. Flat Rate. price is based on averages over long periods of time and therefore clients will not be permitted to opt out within a calendar year. This agreement does not contractually obligate our clients to purchase from Aircraft Specialties, Inc.  It simply means, when you do purchase any of the items listed in your flat rate agreement with ASI, it will be at the agreed upon price for the entire calendar year. Our Fixed Firm Flat Rate pricing includes the normal replacement of all components that make up the entire assembly. The unit must not show signs of obvious negligence, evidence of being involved in an incident/accident, signs of overheating or damage caused by misuse, or any condition that would not be otherwise covered under warranty.  In the event of an exchange, the core returned must be of like item and be 100% complete. In the event of an assembly priced with a tire, the Fixed Firm Flat Rate price will only include the part number of the tire that is specified in your Flat Rate Exchange Agreement.


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